Free Amazon Gift Card Codes

Free Amazon Gift Card Codes

What is Amazon Gift Card Offer?

Amazon is a well-known global e-commerce company offering online retail services to consumers around the world. Besides selling a broad range of different products and services, Amazon also offers various types of gift cards to its customers. However, apart from these budget-friendly options, deals, and coupons, for many people shopping from Amazon can be expensive. But no worries, Amazon offers an Amazon gift card code free that you can get to save some bucks.

You can use these gift vouchers by purchasing products from Amazon. The Amazon gift cards range in value from $5 to $500. In addition, gift cards are also a great choice that you can send to your loved ones as a present. The giant marketplace owns a wide collection of products and there is nothing that Amazon is not selling to buyers around the world. Its broad range of product variety, Amazon Prime membership program, affordable deals, and subscribe and save features makes it the most trusted and cost-effective e-commerce platform that people love shopping from.

Fortunately, there are numerous simple ways to get Amazon gift card code free successfully and use them to purchase your needed products. If you want to save your bank account from hurting, free Amazon gift card codes can be your best bet. 

How to Get Free Amazon Gift Card Codes?

If you are willing to avail free Amazon gift card offers, you are at the right place. Have a glance below to learn how you can get free Amazon gift card codes. 

Here we will unearth some effective ways to earn Amazon Gift Card Free Code, so keep reading and uncover the simplest ways.

Get Free Amazon Gift Cards without Surveys

Although, online surveys are an effective method to get free amazon gift card codes and save some money. But if you don’t want to take surveys for getting Amazon gift cards, then there are many other successful ways you can go for. You can participate in Amazon Prime Program, frequently shop from Amazon, play online games that offer free points and cash back, use the Amazon Trade-in program, and others.

From where can you get free Amazon Gift cards?

Free Amazon Gift Card Codes
Free Amazon Gift Card Codes

You can get Amazon Gift Card codes from the official Amazon website by following the below-mentioned steps;

  • Go to the Amazon app on your laptop or Smartphone.
  • Tap on the “3 horizontal icons” 
  • Next, click on “AmazonPay“
  • It will take you to the AmazonPay homepage, 
  • Slowly scroll down the page and look at several gift card options under “Gift Category“.
  • Select “AmazonPay E-Gift Card“
  • You can choose any option from “Amazon Pay Gift Card Store“, generally, the first two options are ( Add Gift Card and e-Gift Card)
  • If you like to get an Amazon Gift Card Offer then select “eGift card”.
  • Enter an amount between ₹10 to ₹10,000 and select a delivery option either via Email or Share via the link
  • Enter the 14-digit code and the amount will be added to your Amazon Pay balance successfully.

How to Redeem the Amazon Gift Codes?

Generally, Amazon Gift Card Free Code is printed on the back of the card. You can also check it in the confirmation email. Once you copied the gift card code from the Amazon official website, you just need to follow the steps mentioned below to credit the amount in your AmazonPay balance.

Redeem via Amazon App

  • First of all, you need to open the Amazon app
  • Click on the “3 horizontal icons” 
  • Now tap on “AmazonPay“
  • After landing on the AmazonPay homepage, scroll down the page slowly
  • Under “Gift Category“ there are several gift card options
  • Tap “Add a Gift Card“
  • enter the “Amazon gift card code” and click on “Add to your balance“
  • The amount will be credited to your Amazon Pay wallet

Redeem via Amazon Website

You can simply follow the below-mentioned steps for both Physical Gift Card and e-Gift Card;

  • Visit this link- Add Gift Card
  • Enter the gift card code printed on the physical gift card or from the email you received.
  • Click on Add to your balance.

Can You Cash Out Amazon Gift Cards?

Unfortunately, you cannot cash out Amazon gift cards. They are different from cash cards, and can only be paid directly to Amazon. These gift cards are therefore redeemable on Amazon merchandise only. They are non-transferable to other stores as well.

Do Amazon Gift Cards Expire?

The answer is No. Even if you don’t redeem them, Amazon gift cards do not expire. You can redeem your Amazon gift card at any time you want. Once the Amazon gift card is activated and added to your Amazon Pay wallet, you can use it to buy products from the Amazon website or the app.  So even if you don’t make purchases from your gift cards right away, the money will still remain secure, leaving you stress-free about losing the value. Having said that, it’s a good idea to activate your gift card and make purchases right away to avoid any chance of losing or misplacing it.


There are various apps and websites on the internet that claim to provide Amazon gift card code free to the buyers; however, you must be vigilant as they may not be genuine and will not help you get gift cards. Therefore, the best practice is to follow the reliable and safest ways to successfully earn free Amazon gift card codes. The Amazon gift cards surely bring a bulk of advantages to many online buyers and help them enjoy more discounts on shopping while saving you valuable money.


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