What PC Parts Do You Need To Build a Gaming PC

PC Parts

To enjoy a seamless gaming experience, you need advanced graphics a powerful CPU, and large memory space. Increasing your PC RAM is very important to avoid lag and slow-down issues during game play. More RAM helps you run different processes and applications simultaneously. Furthermore, you need a high-grade graphic card from renowned brands such as AMD or NVIDIA if you want to see your gaming graphics move fluidly. 

Besides that, there are various systems setting and parts that you need to adjust to make your PC operate and run complex games. Remember that, an ordinary Computer with basic system functionality and parts cannot keep up with gaming performance and requirements. 

Why Do I Need To Upgrade PC Parts For Gaming?

Gaming requires a lot from your Computer. If you want to deliver a sleek and smooth gaming performance, you need to build a gaming PC according to your requirements. Once the hardware gaming pc parts are updated, it is not something that only enhances your experience, but you will be able to play online games more reliably. There will be fewer chances of lag and connectivity issues. Are you thinking to maximize your gaming performance, consider upgrading certain hardware pc parts now!

But which gaming parts are the most essential for a better gaming PC? Well, we have listed down some of the most important PC parts that will surely upgrade your Computer for a better gaming experience. Have a glance below at some of the key components that you need to build a gaming Computer.

  • AMD RYZEN 9 3900X
  • TP LINK AX1800
  • BENGOO G9000

All these products are listed below; go and buy the best products.


AMD Ryzen 9 3900X

  • AMD Ryzen 9 5900X Is One of the Best-Performing Gaming Desktops pc parts Available in the Market.
  • With 12 Cores And 24 Processing Threads, This CPU Can Deliver The Best Gaming Experience With 100-Plus FPS Performance In Various Popular Games.
  • AMD Ryzen 9 5900X Features 70 MB Of Cache, DDR-3200 Support, 4.8 Ghz Max Boost, And Is Unlocked For Overclocking
  • AMD Ryzen 9 5900X Can Support Pcie 4.0 On X570 And B550 Motherboards For The Advanced Socket AM4 Platform
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SanDisk 2TB Extreme Portable SSD

  • SanDisk 2TB Extreme Portable SSD Comes With Some Special Features As Well Such As Portable, Hardware Encryption, Dust Resistant, And Water Resistant
  • SanDisk 2TB Extreme Portable SSD Is Also Compatible With Desktop, Laptop, Smart Phones, And Tablets
  • It Is One Of The High-Performance Solid State Disks That Features Up To 1050MB/S Read And Up To 1000MB/S Write Speeds That Are Perfect For Capturing Incredible Footage And Creating Amazing Content
  • SanDisk 2TB Portable SSD Is Hardwearing, Meaning That It Has Up To IP55 Water And Dust Resistance And 2-Meter Drop Protection
  • The Portable SSD Comes With A Handy Carabiner Loop That You Can Secure With Your Backpack Or Belt Easily.
  • It Further Gives You Peace Of Mind With The Feature Of Password Protection And 256‐Bit AES Hardware Encryption That Keep Your Data And Content Private.
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Bluetooth Audio Adapter

  • If You Want To Listen To Music Wirelessly, Bluetooth Audio Adapter For Music Streaming Sound System Is The Best Choice Available In The Market. 
  • The Bluetooth Audio Adapter For Music Streaming Sound Systems Can Connect Via RCA Cable Or 3.5 Mm Cable With Home Stereo Systems, Computer Speakers, And Other Speakers And Can Pair With Various Bluetooth Audio Devices Such As Tablets And Smartphones.
  • Once The Device Is Paired With The Adapter, It Can Reconnect Automatically The Next Time You Pair It With A Previously Paired Device. 
  • The Bluetooth Audio Adapter For Music Streaming Sound Systems Is Compatible With A Range Of Devices Such As Tablets, Laptops, Smartphones, Computers, Home Stereo Systems, A/V Receivers, And Any PC Speakers.
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Corsair RM850X

  • The Corsair RMx Is Fully Modular And Compatible With Modern Graphics Cards And Motherboards
  • For High Performance, Superior Reliability, And Low Noise, This Model Features A 135mm ML Fan That Is Equipped With Custom-Engineered Rotors And A Magnetic Levitation Bearing.
  • To Ensure Unwavering Power And Reliability The Corsair RMx Is Designed With 100% Industrial-Grade.
  • For Better Low-Load Efficiency And Extremely Fast Wake-From-Sleep Times, The Corsair RMx Comes With The Incredible Feature Of Modern Standby Sleep Mode
  • It Also Features Zero RPM Fan Mode At Low To Medium Loads For Near-Silent Operations
  • Provides Consistent Power, More Energy Efficient Sleep States, And Reduced Coil Whine For Silent Operations
  • Backed With 10 Years Warranty
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Motorola MB8611

  • Motorola MB8611 DOCSIS 3.1 Multi-Gig Cable Modem Cab Paired With Any WIFI Router
  • Delivers High-Speed Connectivity To The Fastest Computers And Routers
  • Provides Upstream Speeds Up To 800 Mbps And Downstream Speeds Of Around 2500 Mbps
  • Motorola MB8611 DOCSIS 3.1 Multi-Gig Cable Modem Is Backward Compatibility With 32×8 DOCSIS 3.0
  • Can Connect All Your Devices Seamlessly
  • Features Active Queue Management (AQM) For Fast Streaming, Conferencing, And Gaming 
  • Deliver Better App Performance And Reduced Internet Latency 
  • Affordable And Reliable- Typically Saves The Rental Charge
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TP Link AX1800

  • TP-Link AX1800 Wi-Fi 6 Router Supports Both VPN Server And VPN Client
  • Easy Setup With Alexa 
  • Best Smart Home Device For Everyone Even Non-Experts
  • Compared To The Previous Generation The Router Delivers Faster Speeds, Greater Capacity, And Reduced Network Congestion 
  • TP-Link AX1800 Wi-Fi 6 Router Enables You To Achieve Smoother And More Stable Gaming, Downloading, Streaming, And More With Wi-Fi Speeds Up To 1.8 Gbps
  • It Helps You Connect More Devices For Better Communication
  • Features 4 High-Gain Antennas With Advanced Front-End Module (FEM) Chipset
  • Reliable And Strong Wi-Fi Coverage With Archer AX1800 
  • Compatible With All Internet Service Providers Such As AT&T, Verizon, Xfinity, Comcast, Cox, Centurylink, Charter, Spectrum, RCN, Frontier, Etc
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Logitech Driving Force G920

  • Designed For The Latest Racing Games
  • Works On Xbox Series X Or Xbox One Console
  • Logitech G920 Driving Force Racing Wheel And Floor Pedals Deliver Dual-Motor Force To Realistically Stimulate The Feel Of Every Turn On Different Types Of Terrain
  • Provide Exceptionally Smooth, Precise And Quiet Steering Action- Thanks To Helical Gears 
  • You Get Maximum Control Through Anti-Backlash Feature That Keeps The Tensioning Of Pedals And Wheel Tight
  • Logitech G920 Driving Force Racing Wheel And Floor Pedals Are Designed With Stainless Steel And Solid Ball Bearings For Precision Racing
  • High-Quality Leather Is Used In The Making Of the Wheel Cover- Feels And Looks Like A High-Performance Racecar Wheel
  • Durable And Comfortable Wheels Minimize Shifting During Aggressive Maneuvers
  • Seamless Access To Racing Controls
  • Feature A Spate Floor Pedal That Provides A Realistic Body Position For Driving
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Bengoo G9000

  • The Handset Is Compatible With Multiple Platforms Such As PC, Nintendo 3DS, Ipad, Computer,  Laptop, Playstation 4, New Xbox One, PSP, Tablet, Mobile Phone
  • The Handset Delivers Clear Sound, Making You Feel A Vivid Sound Field
  • Perfect For All Types Of Video Games
  • High Precision 40mm Magnetic Neodymium Driver, Splendid Ambient Noise, And Isolation
  • Premium Noise-Canceling Feature Help Transmit High-Quality Communication
  • Remove The Noise And Help You Listen To Sound With Great Sensitivity
  • Attached Is A Long And Flexible Mic To Conveniently Adjust The Microphone
  • Comfortable To Wear, Designed With Engineering Specifications To Reduce Hearing Impairment 
  • Made Of High-Quality Leather Material
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Logitech C920X

  • Helps Replace, Remove, And Blur Your Background Without A Green Screen
  • Deliver Natural Sound On Calls And Recorded Videos
  • HD Lighting Adjustment And Autofocus 
  • Full HD 1080p, Clearly Detailed,  Crisp, And Vibrantly Colored Video Calling And Recording 
  • With Logitech Capture Create and Share Video Content Easily.
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Razer Naga Trinity

  • High-Precision 16,000 Dpi Optical Sensor
  • Supports 16.8 Million Color Combinations 
  • Equipped With Small, Tactile Bumps Increases Grip 
  • Features Dedicated Dpi Buttons And Durable Mechanical Switches For Gaming
  • Allows More Controlled Scrolling In High-Stakes Gaming Situations
  • Ridged, Rubberized Scroll Wheel Helps Increases Grip And Control
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Blue Yeti Microphone

  • Produces Clear, Powerful, Broadcast-Quality Sound
  • Perfect For Podcasting, Zoom Meetings, YouTube Videos, Twitch Game Streaming,  Music Recording, And More
  • Get Streaming And Recordings With Clear Vocal Sound, Broadcast, And Enhanced Effects 
  • Four Pickup Patterns Allow You To Record In Different Ways That Would Normally Require Multiple Mics
  • Helps You Record Sound In Omni, Bidirectional, Flexible Cardioid, And Stereo Pickup Patterns
  • Adjustable Desktop Stand, Easy To Set Up
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