Privacy Policy

Mysavingwallet is a website designed to bring you the latest coupon deals, offers, and discounts. The purpose of the website is to help you save money by utilizing the best deals and coupon offers. Just click the offer you want to avail and you will be directed to the respective product’s store. Mysavingwallet is the hub of the latest and most updated coupons from the leading brand stores. We aim to cut your expenses by keeping you updated with amazing Online Coupons and Deals. We also send discount and deal offer updates to the customers who have subscribed to our newsletters.

What Information Do We Collect?

We collect the user’s personal information that includes the user’s email address, name, and city. We use this information to send daily newsletters based on users’ deal preferences. If the customer doesn’t want to receive the emails, he/she can subscribe to our newsletters anytime. The contact information of users we obtain remains confidential and doesn’t expose to any third party. We also use this information to learn about customers’ preferences so that we can bring better and greater options for you.  To make your experience worthwhile, mysavingwallet strives to provide you with hundreds of coupon online deals from leading brands and stores every day!

How Do We Collect Your Information?

We collect customers’ personal information when he/she first sign up on our website. When you create an account to advertise stores with coupons with us, subscribe to our newsletter, or sign up for getting deals and coupon codes. The information we collect is kept safe and doesn’t misuse in any way. 

How Do We Make Use Of Cookies?

Mysavingwallet uses cookies to collect information about visitors’ experiences. To help personalize your web experience, we use cookies to track the time of visit, which pages are browsed, the website visited and the time spent on the website. It helps us to know your preferences and interests.  However, you can turn them off in your internet browser settings anytime.